Monthly Archive: November 2014

Boom Beach is the third and the newest game that the popular game developer SuperCell released late last year.

In this game you can fight battles on beach with the deadliest enemies and win the islands. The islands are storehouse of treasures and powers but they are guarded by monsters. The game is essentially “free-to-play” but that does not mean that the developer are not earning in return for this game.  Obviously no one do anything without any profit and hence SuperCell which is the main producer of this game are making millions everyday because their games have this so called “in-app-purchase” system of premium items which makes the game experience a lot faster without having to wait for upgrades.

This game also enables the user to purchase resources such as gold, wood, iron etc. directly from the shop without the need to farm for it. It can also run on the background without needing too many resources from your tablet or cell phones.  It is basically an advantage to anyone who can afford buying diamonds. You can also use the latest release of Boom Beach Hack tool and cheat your way towards the top of the leader boards without spending anything.  It works with iOS and Android devices. Get a free crate of diamonds every day with the only working Boom Beach hack tool for Android and iPhone.  This tool is designed just for you. An online web-based Boom Beach hack tool than can allow you to generate an unlimited amount of Gold and Diamonds.

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