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Asslib first half 2012 report. From sinking. SOS quote.

Six months of sinking, the first of 2012, after the well-known difficulties of the 2011 and 2010 association economies. A budget, as at 30 June, insufficient to make up for the minimal operating costs of Asslib. These have been supported by individual managers who pay, from their own pocket, what is needed: rental of the registered office, stationery, telephone / internet, transfers and transfers.
The good results in terms of image and visibility, thanks to the internet system and printed materials, therefore correspond to a deficit in economies, with revenues far lower than the outputs.
Budget to heal. In three ways: 1) permanently deleting from the lists and from the internet all those who have not paid, in the last two years, to the payment of the membership fee. 2) Starting a campaign for new associative entries, underlining the convenience of the presence in Asslib. 3) Producing an internal economy with gadgets, prints, publications, and anything else destined to collect offers and donations.
* Note: those who have used free services and information presences in the last two years, canceled for this from the lists, can not be readmitted to Asslib, as provided for by the Articles of Association, for damage caused to the Association. 

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