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How do you talk about a new, defined year of recession? Hoping, in the first place, that we can identify some development. Searching, among the nodes that must end in the comb, to identify the first ones, to be melted or cut. One of these, at the start, concerns those who brought us with Italy on the edge of an economic chasm. Who debited it, up to a point of no return, erasable by squeezing the usual known, productive sectors and work. Yeah, who? If we, in the family and at work, are used to not making debts, why do we have to pay the debts accumulated by others? Others are governments and parliaments that have succeeded each other over the last few decades. Due to their inability and interest, we have been indebted. All the components of these governments and parliaments should be called to pay the public debt, from their product. At the cost of making them work for free for the rest of life. In the end, finally, of the community.

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