How to make blog popular by customizing your blog design?

Design of a blog matters greatly. Each blog stands out from the rest owing to the uniqueness in design. People love things that are interesting and unique. The design of a blog leaves a wonderful impression on the visitor. Having a crappy design can do no good for your blog. Tweaking the design, trying out new layouts, navigation and design can offer the best experience to the users.

Wondering learn how to start a blog at with customization? A lot of templates are available over the web that the bloggers can make use of. Opt for the themes that come with several options that can help you change the color and the fonts easily. Go for a template that can be customized easily.

Make sure you incorporate your blog into various communities after having the design of your blog customized. Web enthusiasts and bloggers keep a tab on the activities of the communities for information and networking. When you follow an interesting blog and contribute something to that blog with your comments, you are basically in a manner enhancing your visibility. People would check out our blog and subscribe if they find you interesting. It is crucial to have network participation and do be active in conversations. Make sure that your comments and posts deliver something valuable to the community.

Write pillar articles and tutorials

Top bloggers always lay an emphasis on the worth of pillar articles. If you are looking for an answer to the question as to learn how to start a blog at then you need to seriously start considering writing pillar articles. Tutorials and how to articles stay forever over the web and people may find it useful anytime and use the information contained in them.

Be a guest author on blogs that are popular. Guest posts are accepted widely these days. This offers new bloggers a chance to be known. Offering one blog post on a platform that is immensely popular can drive traffic towards your blog page.

Blog frequently

If you want your blog to be successful, then you need to develop fresh content for your blog. Blogging once a week is a sin. If you want people to check your blog page everyday then you need to offer something or the other to them every single day. Manage to find time for a post and it wouldn’t be hard to do if blogging is your passion. Whatever you intend to do, have a unique style and approach. This would make you stand out amidst the rest of bloggers.

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