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Shipping has become a crucial need for brands, stores and common citizens these days. But are they getting what they need in regard to satisfactory shipping? Despite the fact that there are many shipping companies, the people are not satisfied with the services offered to them. Seeing the turmoil of customers receiving dented computers, cracked mobile phones and broken china plates we decided to open a service for shipping the goods where the parceled good is packed in a way that protects the things inside. We were adamant of proving many features in our services and for that we initiated our Millennium Transportation company for sellers as well as buyers. Starting from good customer services to tracking the orders we planned each and every detail with detail.  The planning took quite a long time because we did not want to leave there any loopholes that would later become huge issues almost impossible to solve. We kept many points as our top priority and you can read them in the following and launched our shipping service for local and international shipments.

Affordable Shipping Cost

Many online shoppers wonder how to enjoy buying something really dirt cheap offered in the sale by a company. They are stopped by the high shipping rates. The rates of shipping, sometimes, are more than the price of the thing you buy online. These moments are really disappointing. We planned a good system of shipping that does not cost us too much so that we do not put the    burden of extra cost on our valued customers. Even the companies find it very reliable when the shipping cost is not above their budget. The sale and purchase do not increase towards the dreamed grade line when crucial issues like expensive shipping are lying there as a big obstacle. The need of affordable shipping cost is the need of time for companies, stores, and the common customers. We have received a huge response from online stores from the very start of our company because of our cheaper shipping rates. Even the reviews of our customers are so heartwarming that we feel confident in our strategy of charging. Our clientele is incessantly increasing because we offer the competitive price for shipping to all the companies and stores.

Proficient Customer Service 

Our customers are our strength. We realize this fact since before launching our company and that is why the first department we established in our company was customer services center. We really wanted to keep our customers at peace of mind after having their goods shipped. We can well imagine how worrisome it can be to ship a valuable parcel and then wait for it to reach to a loved one. The situation can be equally annoying if you have bought something and the company tells you that it will take from 15 to 20 days in reaching you. After the fifteenth day, waiting is a sheer painful experience. In this situation the customers can feel some relief when they contact our customer support center and ask the status of their order. Apart from this any inquiry about shipping, pricing and pick and deliver services are most welcome. We satisfy our customers about everything.

So, visit our online portal today and check our offers and services for a wonderful shipping experience.