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With Asslib, information is freer.

As of 1st February 2012, the AGD000 News Agency of the Dolomitesand FELTRE MONTH for the city and the surrounding area became an integral part of Asslib, as associates.. Notes on the Dolomites and very productive in the nineties and the first two thousand, their presence will give development to general information and tourism, in favor of Asslib and its associates. Both titles are owned by Lele Taborgna, who is also responsible director. Two factors, fundamentally, have led to the decision: the need to maintain free information and guarantee for Asslib; the finding of a currently too limited tourist promotion of the Dolomites. The two titles will legally cover the most established Asslib blogs and sites, starting from the Bicycle and the Dolomites, the Province of Belluno, Asslib Tourism Observatory, Feltre News, Piazza Maggiore Feltre, Mototurismo and the Dolomites; for these, and others like Dolomiti News, of the 85 in line, they will commit energy to their development. Printed products, diversified, will be disseminated soon in the territory. During the year it is expected to publish guides, maps, tourist magazines.

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